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Proflect in Grainger! (March 10, 2011)

posted Mar 28, 2011, 7:57 PM by Chris Macioch

Chicago, Illinois

On March 10, 2011 Proflect management headed to the “Windy City” to visit Grainger's corporate headquarters for their new supplier orientation.

Grainger will be carrying the Proflect™ 360° Reflective Sign Guard System in their product line and retail it through their online store and the ever famous printed catalog publication.

Grainger has a vast number of customers which include roughly 1.8 million businesses and institutions in 153 countries.

The Grainger Company consists of 18,000 employees who serve their customers more than 115,000 times every day through multiple channels.

Fortune Magazine designates Grainger as their most admired companies and in 2009 Grainger boasted sales in excess of $6.2 billion.

Grainger's has a diverse customer base and is comprised of facilities maintenance professionals from businesses and institutions of all sizes.

The Grainger/Proflect business relation will surely be a great venture for both companies.